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Talen Tools chooses Xelion 8

by koster platforms 25 Jan 2021

Talen Tools, a leading wholesaler of garden tools, has recently started using the Xelion 8 solution to improve their external and internal communications. Using this solution, the company can communicate efficiently and cost-effectively via one platform, with the ability to easily adjust the settings.

Jacob Talens, sales account manager, explains: “Our business activities are spread across various locations in Europe. Good communication is therefore of great importance to us. With Xelion 8 we can communicate easily and efficiently with colleagues, wherever we are. This leads to time savings and a reduction in communication costs.”

Talen Tools opted for Xelion 8 after experiencing problems with their old VoIP solution. “Our old environment no longer met our requirements and needed to be replaced,” says Winters. “Together with Koster, our partner in this project, we made the switch to Xelion 8. We received a special test environment to determine the correct settings and received a short explanation from Koster. We were then able to do everything ourselves and the go-live was a success.”

By monitoring the internet connection that we use for external calling, we have the certainty that everything continues to work optimally,” says Talen. “We are happy with the efficient and cost-saving solution that Xelion 8 offers.”

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