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Simovert for Egypt

by koster platforms 25 Mar 2021

Recently we received an inquiry from a customer from Egypt regarding the supply of spare parts for 600KW SIMOVERT DRIVES.

Thanks to our extensive network of contacts within the cement industry in Germany, we were able to supply these spare parts, the drives being used for the drivetrain of the 3 kilometer long conveyor belts. The entire process of transport and overhaul of the drives took place in Staphorst. Through efficient planning and coordination, we were able to completely overhaul and prepare the parts for installation in Egypt within a short period of two weeks.

Our customer from Egypt is very satisfied with the products we delivered and the service we provided. The 600KW SIMOVERT DRIVES are now fully operational and contribute to the successful operation of the conveyor belts. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are proud to provide our customers with high-quality and reliable products.

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