We offer advice in the field of process optimization and the translation of ideal processes into software functionalities, infrastructure and hardware. This includes:

  • Drafting user requirements;
  • Improving visualization, alarming, and fault detection, also known as Operator Effectiveness;
  • Determining the total cost of ownership and the business case behind the investment;
  • Process optimization: how can process and automation be better coordinated;
  • Analysis of the similarity or difference between business requirements, process requirements, software functionalities and improvement potential;
  • Stability and susceptibility to failure of software and the management and repair costs that can be avoided;
  • Continuity of the software: availability of source code, quality of functional descriptions and user manuals, dependence on the functional manager and their domain knowledge, and possible damage due to discontinuity;
  • Reality check of the principles of the business case.

Our engineers can also provide support during the development of software and hardware, both internally and by third parties, aimed at stability, effectiveness, efficiency and continuity. This includes:

  • Project management during the development phase;
  • Overall project management: cooperation with the main contractor and subcontractors such as electrical companies;
  • Training, both for technical employees and for operators who have to operate the factory.