We repair, overhaul and test all brands and components


We offer you cross - manufacturer repair services , not only for current series , but also for long - discontinued and discontinued series and assemblies . By repair we always mean a complete product overhaul. In our certified repair process, assemblies are repaired exclusively based on manufacturer's specifications and using new and approved components. Once the whole has been received, it is professionally cleaned and subjected to, among other things, an ultrasonic tank and an industrial washing installation. As part of the product overhaul, not only defective parts are replaced, but also parts that are subject to aging or wear. After the successful repair process, all assemblies are fully tested for function and under load, including on the manufacturer's original test and load test benches.


If you have modernized or converted your machinery and are looking for a way to recycle your surplus assemblies, then Koster is the right place for you. We buy your modules, controls and complete systems that are no longer needed, regardless of whether they work or are defective. You do not have to provide a guarantee in this context. In addition to the regular purchase on account, we also offer you a credit as an alternative, which you can offset against your subsequent orders. If the parts cannot be recycled by us, we will dispose of them for you free of charge.


We always have more than 25,000 electronic assemblies from all manufacturers in stock for you in our warehouse. Through our partnerships and the resulting proximity to the manufacturers, you also benefit from our access to the manufacturers' warehouses. Another great advantage is our exclusive access to remaining new parts from manufacturers that you otherwise can no longer obtain officially.


Our specialists work with you to develop prototypes that meet your own wishes. from design - purchasing semi-finished products - production - delivery - to after sales. We help you solve your problem up to and including production from a single source, from small to large production series, from simple to complex building blocks.