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Access control

by koster platforms 25 Dec 2021

A large government service provider recently replaced its old access control system with a new access control system with cloud access and remote management. The manager responsible for the facilities explains why this migration was so important:

“Our old access control system was more than 20 years old and no longer met our security requirements. We wanted a system that could be managed remotely, as we do not have our IT department on site. That's why we chose Paxton 10, which gives us the ability to manage and control access from anywhere.”

“The new access control system is so easy to use. We now have an overview of all employees and guests entering and leaving. It's also nice that we can assign and revoke access rights, even when we're not in the office.”

Koster IT Automation completed the system without interrupting daily operations. The new access control system now provides a secure and easy-to-use access management and control solution, allowing them to access their security settings anytime, anywhere.

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