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TRUMPF magnetic bearing repair

by koster platforms 14 Jun 2022

A Trumpf CO₂ laser is an advanced machine that works by supplying various gases with voltages of more than 10,000 volts. The precise composition of these gases results in a powerful laser beam, which is amplified via mirrors until it is strong enough to cut materials up to 10mm thick.

An important part of the laser source is the fan that ensures the distribution of the gas. However, normal bearings can cause grease or deposits to form on the mirrors, which can hinder the functionality of the laser source. That is why the Trumpf CO2 laser uses a magnetic bearing.

Unfortunately, the magnetic bearing of the laser source can fail, making it necessary to replace the entire laser source. However, Koster offers the option to repair the magnetic bearing without having to replace the entire laser source. This repair method has already been successfully used at Konvi RVS.

Magnetic bearing repairs use advanced techniques to ensure that the repair is of high quality and the functionality of the laser source is maintained. This means that the Trumpf CO2 laser can function without problems for years to come.

If you want to ensure the functionality of your Trumpf CO₂ laser and prevent problems, it is wise to perform periodic maintenance, including repair of the magnetic bearing if necessary. Koster offers excellent repair services for the Trumpf CO₂ laser, so you can count on optimal functionality and performance of your laser source. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

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