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Hema Meppel

by koster platforms 25 Mar 2022

As an experienced IT service provider, we understand better than anyone that the IT infrastructure is the backbone of every organization. A problem in the system can have direct consequences for employees and customers. That is why leading companies such as HEMA choose our timely maintenance and replacement of crucial equipment.

We recently carried out a complete network upgrade and replacement of the payment system for HEMA Meppel. We did this during closing time in just a few hours, so that HEMA was immediately operational again and customers could shop worry-free.

Thanks to our live monitoring, we can detect possible malfunctions at an early stage and, if necessary, solve them remotely. This allows us to ensure minimal downtime and loss of productivity.

Would you also like to benefit from our excellent services and take your IT infrastructure to the next level? Please contact us and let us help you take your business operations to the next level.

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