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Fiber optic - Municipality of Zwolle

by koster platforms 25 May 2022

The building complex on Hanzelaan in Zwolle, known as the city office of the municipality of Zwolle, is a multifunctional building that houses various organizations and companies. In addition to the Municipality of Zwolle and the UWV, the building offers space for a large number of tenants. In connection with the planned redevelopment of the complex and the increasing demand for external tenants, we have been commissioned to install an interconnect.

In recent weeks, our project team has worked with great effort and dedication to install the necessary fiber optic connections in the building, over a distance of no less than 300 meters. This means that all tenants can have their own shielded network, with their own external IP address, despite the fact that they use the same central internet connection.

Installing an interconnect is a complex and challenging project, requiring various technical skills and expertise. Our team has extensive experience in this field and has used high-quality CISCO equipment to ensure optimal performance of the connections. We are proud to have contributed to this project and are convinced that the tenants of the Zwolle municipal office can now benefit from a reliable and secure network that meets their individual needs and requirements.

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