Mechanical engineering

Without an adequate control system, a machine cannot run. We supply the entire control system for various machine builders and end users.

With our knowledge of PLC, SCADA, drive technology, hydraulics and pneumatics and of servo drives in particular, we are an excellent system integrator for mechanical engineering.


Every machine that is placed on the market or put into use within the European Union must comply with safety requirements and health regulations, which are laid down in the Machinery Directive. In the Netherlands, this directive has been incorporated into the Machinery Commodities Act Decree. The requirements are therefore not without obligation, but laid down by law.

Do you have any questions about this? We are happy to help you find the right direction and solve your safety issues.


We also carry out risk assessments on behalf of a client for an existing, modified or new machine. If other measures are not possible, we can reduce identified risks by means of electrical facilities such as light curtains, safety switches or hold-to-run switches. We use the safety level classifications PL (Performance Level) and SIL (Safety Integrity Level).

Our installations are supplied including documents for the Technical Construction File.

CE certification

After changes to machines, CE certification often needs to be reapplied. We can advise and support you in this.