Electrical engineering

We supply total automation solutions in the industry. We do this in various market segments: process industry, food & beverage, chemicals, pharma, paper, infrastructure and oil & gas.

Basic engineering

  • Every process starts with basic engineering. The principles are determined in close consultation and in accordance with the client's applicable rules:

    • Review the scope of delivery
    • Determine which standards and guidelines are decisive
    • Describe an embodiment in a technical specification
    • Drawing up a network topology and single line diagram
    • Collecting and recording relevant documents and data such as:
      • IO lists
      • Engine lists
      • Instrument sheets
      • Layout drawings
      • Environmental conditions

Detailed engineering

  • After basic engineering, detailed engineering can start. Within this process we provide the following services:
    • Composing PLC, decentralized IO and HMI configuration
    • Selection of frequency inverters and servo drives
    • Choosing components such as switching materials
    • Create cabinet views and layouts
    • Develop cable route
    • Cable guidance both fixed and flexible
    • Translating the RIE (Risk Inventory & Evaluation) into electrical solutions
    • Installation calculations:
      • Safety class (SIL / PL)
      • Powers
      • Trip settings
      • Cabling
      • Short-circuit resistance
      • Cooling
      • Heating
    • Realization schedule package:
      • E-plan P8
      • SEE electrical (Caddy)
      • AutoCAD electrical