Our mission

Product information from PIM

w product information is automatically placed on your webshop from a PIM (Product Information Management) system. Fast, automated and always up to date. Do you not have a PIM yet? Then we recommend the Catalogger PIM system, but copying the product range from the ERP or Excel is also possible.

Link with your ERP for prices and orders

We now have almost 30 years of experience in supporting wholesalers and manufacturers with the successful promotion and sale of their products. We deliver a stable and reliable system that seamlessly combines data management with websites, e-commerce and printing. A system that you can flexibly expand indefinitely, so that you immediately benefit from all the benefits and features. And you are also prepared for whatever the future may bring you.

OCI link

Link your customer's ERP system to your webshop. From their own ERP, your customers can gain direct access to your webshop via an OCI link to easily search for and order products. Your own prices are also shown. After filling the shopping cart, the order will be placed in your customer's ERP system. Your customer therefore immediately has the purchase order that can be forwarded to you immediately after approval.