In today's business environment, there is a growing trend of companies increasingly outsourcing non-core activities. This is mainly caused by the increasing complexity of control installations, making companies increasingly dependent on specialist knowledge and expertise.

Our company is ready to relieve you of many operational burdens by providing support in the field of service, maintenance and support. Feel free to take a look at one of our areas of expertise below to see how we can tackle this for you.

Support in case of malfunctions

Disruptions can affect the efficiency of processes and production. Our team of service technicians, software engineers and MES engineers is always ready, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to resolve malfunctions. They are well equipped and have the ability to connect to your systems from anywhere.

With a service contract you can count on rapid support from specialists in the event of malfunctions in electrical installations and various automation and control systems.

Spare parts

If a part is defective, it is often crucial that it is replaced as soon as possible, as repairs often take too much time. Many users therefore keep spare parts in stock themselves. However, you can save costs by subscribing to a reserve stock.

You can report a defective part 24/7. A replacement part will be delivered within an agreed response time. This part can also be installed for you in place of the defective part and adjusted if necessary. We can also arrange the repair of a defective part.