Service and maintenance

Support from your own technical service

Service and maintenance

Preventive maintenance is our growing core activity that we are increasingly allowed to perform at companies that cannot afford to have to deal with unforeseen downtimes. An inspection is carried out using TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) sheets and consultation is carried out to determine which parts need to be replaced preventively. This way of working prevents wearing parts from failing at an undesirable moment. By keeping accurate and regular records, we can over time better predict the behavior of your machine based on your specific use.

Technical service support

Looking for a breakdown technician who understands your production process? Koster has troubleshooting technicians with experience in various types of machines and installations. Therefore, they can easily adapt to your corporate culture and working methods. Our troubleshooting engineers are responsible for the machines in your factory and will analyze the fault and resolve it as quickly as possible. For example, they are familiar with documentation in SAP. No matter how complex the machine (production line) is, they, together with your technical department, ensure that production runs smoothly.

Machine overhaul

Your old machine has run out? The electronic components are often outdated, but mechanically the machine is often still possible for years. That is why we carry out retrofits. The engines, sensors and controls are removed and the machine is provided of the most up-to-date components, wearing parts such as bearings, guides, etc. are replaced. The operating software is custom-developed. Where possible with more functionality, shorter cycle times and shorter changeover times.