Engineering & automation

Koster, the key to successful production automation


To be consistently faster, better, cheaper and more sustainable than your competitors, you need expertise in continuous improvement, knowledge of specific production processes and extensive knowledge of technology and IT. Our experts have extensive experience in this field and are happy to help you achieve your goals. We do not like complex documents or complex long-term studies, but prefer a practical and effective approach. All our employees have extensive practical experience before becoming consultants. We set high standards for the quality of our services and continuously invest in the development of our consultants.

Software Engineering

PLC systems from Siemens, Allen Bradley and Beckhoff are often used to control processes and machines. In recent years, Koster has specialized in several software disciplines, creating a professional combination that can easily roll out IoT and industrial automation within your organization. Through a systematic approach according to the V-model and experiences with GAMP, we are able to realize fully validated software solutions that comply with GMP (pharmacy) and/or SIL (for safety systems).

Cyber security

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or Manufacturing Operations Management System (MOMS) provides integration between your ERP and production control. This functional layer provides insight and overview of the progress and deviations in your production. The MES/MOMS ensures a more efficient implementation of your production orders and helps you achieve optimal deployment of people and resources. To achieve your operational excellence.

MES/MOMS solutions

In a High Level Risk Assessment we investigate the impact of a possible cybersecurity incident in your process, process control system or organization. This includes impacts related to personal safety, finances, the environment and corporate reputation. The required information is obtained through a tour and interviews with the Plant Manager and a workshop with the HSEQ manager, an automation expert and an operator. In addition, the network and system architecture is assessed. The result of this assessment is recorded in a report. Based on this, we determine what the most useful next steps are. This is usually a Detailed Risk Assessment for a limited scope. Sometimes improvement measures can be applied immediately, such as Awareness Training, network segmentation or an improved backup strategy.