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Hold digital meetings, share screens and manage documents together. At the office, at home and on the road. You want your organization to keep up with the times, but how do you take action if things have been going the same way for years? At Koster we adapt existing processes to new ways of working.

Office 365

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we specialize in Microsoft 365. The platform offers everything you need. You can collaborate in documents, communicate with each other in different ways and easily integrate your own business applications.


A cloud environment offers many benefits, such as the ability to work anywhere, anytime, robust security, and usage-based charges. However, problems can arise when essential systems run outside this environment or when employees start using their own applications. To prevent such situations, we strive to create a stable platform where everything comes together seamlessly.

To collaborate

Every organization has a unique communication style. That is why we put your needs at the center of our process. Some prefer a physical desk phone, while others prefer to make full use of Microsoft Teams for their telephony. Additionally, we can provide options such as displaying background information and conversation history for all incoming contacts. Our goal is to create a solution that seamlessly meets your specific requirements.

Print solutions

We have been supplying and implementing printers and multifunctionals in office environments for over 25 years. Our starting point is that we think in a solution-oriented way: the right equipment in the right place. Buying or leasing, with or without a service agreement, we will work with you to determine what you need.

VoIP telephony

With hosted telephony from Koster you can achieve this at the touch of a button. Experience the unparalleled ease of use of the most modern telephone exchange in the cloud! Even more convenience? We link more than 100 CRM packages to our telephony so that a name is shown on incoming calls, a customer card can be opened, calls can be made from the CRM with 1 click and much more.
Product overview


Come in, log in and get started straight away. Thanks to fast WiFi, seamlessly integrated applications and an expert who ensures a safe and up-to-date ICT environment in the background. That is what working without worries means. At Koster we strive to create a solid foundation, so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Management and control

ICT is an abstract subject. While we were installing updates, creating backups, and troubleshooting issues on the back end, the environment on the front end seemed to be working "just fine". We share reports to gain insight into our work. This is how we work transparently. ICT suddenly became less abstract.


From on-site servers, laptops and printers to systems, telephones and documents in the cloud. The infrastructure of your organization is becoming increasingly complex. Do you need an overview? We clean up your network or create a completely new structure. We use cables and connectors to connect devices and applications so that they form the basis for optimal performance.


Good WiFi. You need it for accessing websites and checking email, but now also for processing documents and monitoring camera security footage. Fast connections are becoming increasingly important. We ensure that you achieve maximum impact from every corner of your organization.


Good security is essential for the continuity of your company. Thanks to our certified fire alarm, burglary, camera and access control systems, our clients can monitor, manage and monitor their properties without any worries.

Online security

We assess your specific situation to determine which security measures are relevant. We carry out this assessment regularly, as changes always bring new risks. By continuously implementing the appropriate measures, we work together to maintain optimal security of your IT environment.

Alarm system

Within Koster's context, the term "security system" includes the complete system, including additional precautions. Our expertise covers a wide range of aspects, ranging from certified locks and fire-resistant glass to video surveillance, and we provide advice on all fronts. This expert advice is converted into a comprehensive security plan to achieve optimal results.

Camera security

There are various variants of security cameras, each with their own specifications. That's why it's crucial to understand what your specific goals are. Sometimes image quality is of great importance, while at other times visibility in specific locations is the priority. With careful consideration, you can invest in a system that perfectly meets your unique needs.

Access control

Access management provides control both inside and outside the building. With a fingerprint scan at the entrance you can selectively grant people access, and with an electronic key plan you regulate which areas in the building are accessible to employees and which are not. Through a thorough analysis of your organization, we understand your specific requirements. Based on this, we draw up a plan and provide support in its implementation.